My Plant Medicine Journey

Everyday people are gaining amazing benefits in their life from the use of ancestral visual plant medicines and ceremonies. In this podcast we share those stories to learn and normalize the conversation of these ancient traditions. We hope that this stories support your journey in healing, empowerment, and creation.

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Monday Jun 17, 2024

Welcome to "My Plant Medicine Journey," hosted by Daniel Rios Romero. In this episode, Daniel is joined by his wife, Ira Rios Romero, as they delve into their transformative experiences with plant medicine in Colombia, personal growth, and relationships.
Join Ira as she shares her solo travel and plant medicine journey in Colombia, recounting her profound experiences with Ayahuasca and the insights that led to her personal growth. Hear about her plans for a solo trip to deepen her understanding of Ayahuasca and herself, and the importance of trusting a spiritual retreat and its legitimacy.
Daniel reflects on his own transformative journey, emphasizing the impact of saying "yes" to a spiritual adventure. Together, they discuss their experiences at Mama Martha's retreat center, where safety, freedom, and connection with nature were paramount. Ira shares her unexpected appreciation for the retreat's simplicity and comfort, while Daniel highlights the importance of trust and guidance in a plant medicine retreat.
Explore the challenges and breakthroughs of their Ayahuasca journeys, including intense physical and emotional experiences. Discover the power of mantras for personal growth, the spiritual dimensions unlocked through energy work, and the profound impact of integrating these experiences into daily life.
Daniel and Ira also discuss the healing of generational trauma, the significance of cultural celebrations of death, and embracing life fully. Through their candid conversations, they emphasize the importance of patience, support, and continuous personal growth.
Tune in to this heartfelt episode to gain insights into the healing power of plant medicine, the importance of community, and the unifying spirit of personal transformation. Whether you're new to plant medicine or a seasoned explorer, Daniel and Ira's stories will inspire you to embrace your own journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

Welcome to the My Plant Medicine Journey Podcast, hosted by Daniel Rios Romero. Join Daniel as he explores the profound impact of plant medicine on personal development and healing. In this special episode, Daniel sits down with Chala, a vibrant and inspiring member of the Oaxaca community. Chala, who is seven months pregnant, shares her journey from battling depression and synthetic drug use to discovering the healing power of plant medicine.
Listen in as Chala recounts her first Ayahuasca experience in Amsterdam, her transformative Kambo session with Daniel, and the pivotal moments that led her to embrace a holistic lifestyle. Through candid conversations, they discuss the challenges and breakthroughs of integrating plant medicine into daily life, the importance of community support, and the continuous journey of personal growth.
This episode is a heartfelt exploration of resilience, self-discovery, and the unifying spirit of plant medicine. Whether you're a seasoned psychonaut or new to the world of plant medicine, Chala's story will resonate and inspire you to explore your own path to healing. Tune in to discover how plant medicine can help you create a more vibrant, connected, and authentic life.
Episode Highlights:- Chala's journey from depression to healing with plant medicine- The power of Kambo and Ayahuasca in personal transformation- The role of community and connection in the healing process- Insights into the spiritual and practical aspects of plant medicine- Chala's advice for those beginning their plant medicine journey
Join Daniel and Chala for an enlightening conversation that bridges the gap between personal development and spiritual growth through the lens of plant medicine.

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Join us for a profound episode of "My Plant Medicine Journey," hosted by Daniel Rios Romero. In this inspiring installment, we welcome Armando, the Urban Alchemist, who shares his remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation.
Daniel begins by recalling his initial interactions with Armando in their shared pursuit of physical fitness, and how he has since observed Armando's evolution into a life coach and personal development advocate. This journey, closely followed by Daniel through social media, showcases Armando’s transition from seeking external validation to finding inner fulfillment.
Armando, a beacon of empowerment, dives into his personal history, including his upbringing in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and his life with his family. He openly discusses the defining moments that shaped his path, emphasizing over 15 years of introspection and healing. This episode reveals the core of Armando's journey, underscoring the shift from external achievements to internal peace and purpose.
Throughout the episode, Daniel and Armando engage in an enlightening conversation about the transformative power of coaching, the critical role of healing in becoming empowered, and the value of sharing one’s story for collective inspiration. Armando’s story serves as an exemplar of the hero’s journey, demonstrating the courage and determination necessary to support others in their life paths.
Tune into this impactful discussion on "My Plant Medicine Journey" podcast, where the convergence of personal growth, spiritual understanding, and the influence of sharing one's journey are explored in depth. Discover how Armando, the Urban Alchemist, reshaped his life and now aids others in their quests for self-realization.

Monday Nov 06, 2023

In this insightful episode, I have the privilege of interviewing my brother Omar, who opens up about his transformative journey with plant medicine. Omar shares his deeply personal experiences, revealing how plant medicine has not only brought him a profound sense of peace but also aided in accepting himself and others. He takes us through the past two years, detailing how his plant medicine journey has been instrumental in overcoming challenges rooted in his past. This episode highlights the often overlooked aspect of family involvement in plant medicine experiences. For me, introducing Omar to the world of plant medicine and ceremonial healing was not only an honor but a pivotal moment in our relationship. Omar's story is one of rewriting one's narrative, finding healing, and the power of trust and support within the family. His journey is a testament to the transformative potential of alternative healing methods and the strength of familial bonds. Thank you, Omar, for your vulnerability and for trusting me to be a part of your healing process. Your story is sure to inspire many.

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Dive into a heartfelt discussion between Daniel Rios Romero and Moon as they recount the memories and lessons from their recently co-hosted event, "Bonding & Boundary social." The episode delves deep into the transformative power of platonic touch, consent, and bonding. Listen as Moon sheds light on their journey from academia to Berlin's vibrant queer community, their experiences in sex-positive spaces, and the profound realization of human connection during the isolating times of the pandemic. Simultaneously, Daniel shares the intricacies of his upbringing as a Mexican immigrant in the US, highlighting the search for personal meaning around intimacy and touch. Together, they emphasize the significance of community, connection, and the essence of human touch in our contemporary world. A poignant reflection on intimacy and the human need for genuine connections. Don't miss this soul-stirring conversation! You can learn more about Moon and her work at

Sunday Feb 19, 2023

On this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing my wife, Ira, who shares her inspiring journey with plant medicine. She discusses the valuable lessons she learned along the way, and how her experiences have shaped her perspective.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

Chris Marhefka is a world class facilitator and coach who has done a lot of deep work in the space of plant medicine. Chris and I have shared many of those experiences together in different parts of the world. 
Chris shares his story on how plant medicine has found him and how it has impacted his life. 
Chris has an amazing story of transformation I hope it supports your journey.
Enjoy the show!

Nico Jensino - Sex Drugs & God

Tuesday May 10, 2022

Tuesday May 10, 2022

Nico shared with us his healing journey and all the different tools available to us to support in our human experience.
Nico fast became a close friend of mine and we have shared beautiful experiences together. 
In this episode we dove deep in many mystical and fun conversations. From plant medicine, to tantra, and mens work.

Wednesday May 04, 2022

In this episode I got the opportunity to talk to the man that grows the best cannabis. He has over a decade of experience working with cannabis.
Ryan has become the cannabis coach teaching people how to work with cannabis for healing, creativity, and teaches sacred practices around the plant.
We covered, the science and spirit of the plant, personal and spiritual development. 
Enjoy the show! 

Taylor Ambrose - Mother Cacao

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

On this episode Taylor shared her journey to cacao and educated us on the sacred ancestral practices and science behind cacao. 
She discussed the benefits she has gained in her life with cacao. She went in detail on how to serve your own cacao for ceremonial and daily usage.
Thank you Taylor for all the wisdom and for sharing your story.
Enjoy the show!

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